Posting … not for the faint of heart.

Okay, so I’ve already failed my goal to post weekly. Yay me! In my defense however my computer is acting like a used up whore on herion and only seems to be motivated by malware.

It’s Thursday and I was over this week on Monday. I’ll highlight a few of the great moments. 1) I learned that someone I answer to on my job is a liar (and a snatch) and not even a good one at that. 2) Aunt Flo is paying a visit and hell bent on creating as many crime scenes as she can. I fucking hate her. 3) I think I have aquired athletes foot and last but not least 4) i have a hangnail.

My general attitude this week seems to suck. I’m not talking your normal sucking hard enough create a hicky kinda sucking. It’s more like hard enough to suck the chrome off of a bumper sucking. Try as I might to give myself possitive affirmations and read quotes that most would find inspiring or my gentle reminders to myself to “just breathe”, I still feel the desire to punch something … very hard. I want to inflict pain. I’m normally a nice girl… kinda. I feel my anti-depressants are failing me. Those bitches are just taunting me I think. I swallow them and they just laugh and then… nothing.

So…yeah. This is post number 2. I’ll leave you with this…


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