Okay so I think my job here is to get you to wanna know me more and come back to my blog. I’m going to be completely honest and let you know that I’m not the type of person who will blow sunshine up anyone’s arse to get them to like me, notice me or whatever the hell else I might want them to do. I am however passionate, loud, crass and often funny.

I’ve been known to say I “lack a filter” that most people have. You know that overly used phrase that people use as a crutch to cover up their bad manners and inappropriate comments. Truth be told I do possess one of these filters it’s just that most of the time it’s either on the fritz or I don’t care enough to filter myself.

My intentions with this blog are many and I’m sure it will change, grow, evolve etc. But here are a few:

• to make myself accountable to write (I used to love to write but many years ago stopped. I’ll tell you more about this someday).

• to learn more about who I am through expressing myself and an outlet for the chaos in my head.

• to hopefully amuse some people along the way.

I cannot promise you easy and cheap ways to scrub the bottom of your pans till they look new again or any other household tips. I also most likely won’t be sharing recipes or other domestic kinda stuff, but I do reserve the right to do so if I feel like it.

I can and will promise you honesty, a laugh from time to time and a raw glimpse into my self proclaimed damaged mind and a heart that sometimes surprises me.

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